Angel's Herald: Hot Therese

Hot Therese

...Hot 'cause of the Fire-dance. Not cause of the cold foods. But at the end, we had a blast, it's T's birthday!.

This is my first blog after my physically and emotionally tiring trip. I slept and bummed for three days after arriving back home, more like a post-partum depression the traveller's way. No, not jet-lag.

The night was so full of fun I can't miss not to blog it, no matter how delayed this post seem to be. The lesson of our event subject could best be articulated as "Kung may Tiyaga, may Nilaga. Ngunit kung sigurista, ang nilaga'y may sebo na." I'll leave it there, read on...

Meeting time, 5:00pm. Meeting place, Market Market. 6:00pm we're still on the same old crappy meeting place, Burger King. After consuming some drinks and three large fries, we're off to the Fort.

It's raining and we're expecting to watch a Firedance competition after dinner at Zong, not sure what time we actually arrived, but I'm sure that dinner was served 10-20 minutes before.

Firedance competition, just right outside Zong. It's still raining so we had to do a lot of waiting.

We're kind of surprised to see our teacher Ms. Callo (1st to 4th year highschool Angelicum HSP), who's one of the contestants for both ribbon and fire-dance competition. Sooo cool!

She garnered 3rd for the Ribbon dance and 1st for the Fire-dance female category.

Next stop, gas station.

And just when I thought I'll get home way too late (4am), my brother called:

me: hello?
him: hello, where are you?
me: i don't know, but i'm about to go home now actually.
him: no, don't go home yet.
me: huh? why?
him: there are shootings happening right now (around the house).
me: huh?!?! ok ok!

It's quite funny but it's kind of serious know.. :D
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