Angel's Herald: January 2007

Harry Potter, Slytherin's Heir, ummm Hair..

Posted by: Angelicum on Wednesday, January 31, 2007
A united parents group are fuming mad that Daniel Radcliffe has gone all skins on them and are planning to boycott all future films from the boy wizard franchise. Click here

And to make the issue settle down, what better way than to release yet more skin eh? Click thumbnails to view hi-res images.

Boycott lead by the parents? No sir. =D

Ambulante de Papichulo

Posted by: Angelicum
Y Tu Mama Tambien co-stars and Mexican heroes Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna reunited in Mexico City on Monday to promote their new documentary film, Ambulante.

I don't know what happened to both of them but what I know is that Y Tu Mama Tambien is a groundbreaking foreign film that portrayed the life of typical yappies, haha, and at the same time showed the basic democratic freedom of human rights and the political situation in Mexico, and..and have reached the international stardom. I'm sure they have the freaking money to buy electric shavers just for the sake of photo call.

Harry Potter And His Skin

Posted by: Angelicum on Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Hey! Geeks can have washboard abs too!

New promotional images featuring Harry Potter actor Dan Radcliffe for his upcoming West End production of Equus are now available for fans. In one of the photos he is with a horse and another with his co-star, Joanna Christie.

Click the thumbnails to view high-res images.

Equus, also starring fellow Potter actor Richard Griffiths (who played Uncle Vernon Dursley) has previews starting on February 16th and the official opening night is planned for February 27th.

DJ Love Ikaw Ba Yan?

Posted by: Angelicum on Monday, January 29, 2007

Moviehouse Exclusivity

Posted by: Angelicum on Sunday, January 28, 2007
How do you make your movie experience exclusive at Gateway Mall without reservation or notice? Here are some pointers:

1, First you have to have money, no, not PhP 140 per person, something a lot more than that.

2, There should be no more than 15 people who have already bought the tickets on that particular cinema 2 hours before your preferred viewing time.

3, There should be a vacant cinema so that those who already have bought tickets will then be transferred there.

4, A very good reason why you need exclusivity.

In our case, there is no special reason. Rather, a very inexcusable abnormal one, nowhere to spend money with. The price you ask? Go ask them. You'll save more if you had a reservation.

And now for the feast...

And for the uber disappointing scenario of the weak week.

The unseminarized sales lady of Hermes in Rustan's have no freaking idea about this PhP 120,000 item they are selling. I mean, my god this watch is priced to built three Gawad Kalinga houses and they don't have an idea what it's made of?

I asked the lady whether the leather is croc, alligator or python. She answered "sir, it's leather," oh for graciousness sake I know it's leather! I'm asking what kind of leather! I mean?!?!

First Official Portraits

Posted by: Angelicum on Thursday, January 25, 2007
...of The Order of Phoenix. They do look even more mature, as if their maturity on the past 2 films were not enough. At least now the hair things are more realistic and appears to be 99% natural without any adhesive of anything like that involved.

Click this picture to view the high-res version.

As always, even if I'm not as a big fan as before, I'll watch it. Oh, I think I've never blogged about my props from the set..

Nosejob Anyone?

Posted by: Angelicum on Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Blind Item? Ang Cheap! Hahaha. Anyway, this post is a proof that I am not bias. This guy over here is my current favorite and one of 2007's Next Big Thing.

Next Big Thing he is that a visit to MTV TRL may need a little session under the knife, nosejob anyone? Who cares though, I don't condemn plastic surgery, what's important is that he got superb talent at such a young age.

First picture, he's singing in Holland almost a year ago, not yet that famous.

Second picture, MTV TRL in New York a week ago, kind of famous now but still unheard of in The Philippines. I'll post the uncensored pictures tomorrow. By the way, I notice this whilst watching his videos in YouTube.

Basic Gadgets' Twisted Tales

Posted by: Angelicum on Monday, January 22, 2007
My portable Polaroid DVD player now looked as if it's been use for at least 2 years. Massive usage abuse from all my brothers, sometime using it even if they're just at home. I'm not really the cable-chord-plugs expert kind of a geek, but I do use quite a few of the gadgets.

Presenting the freak uber functions of modern-day facilities.

Polaroid DVD player. Aside from being a very useful plane companion (short asian budgeted-flights may mostly mean no personal TV screens) used for charging iPods and other MP4s, as well as picture viewer via USB or SD Card in case a laptop and desktop is not existing somewhere near.

It's also an excellent THINNING picture viewer. I lost apprximately 20lbs on that picture taken at the plane. (I just realized I cross my eyes occasionally without knowing it)

My more than a year old PDA is mostly effecientized as an audio recorder both for official work and just-plain nasty gossiping.

And of course my very new Creative Zen Vision: M. This thing is in my hands since last October 2006. The hell of being retardedly busy, I almost forgot I actually own one! So technically, he's only a week old. I'm getting the hang of it. What I think is so cool is the fact that if my house can be turned into a .hse file, it can actually fit in. 30 GB.

I'm an inch away of selling these stuffs but no sir. Haha.

By the way, my new WiFi system is not working right now. We installed the thing last night and hell the whole land area is officially a Starbucks-quality hotspot. We have to figure out thougb why can't it connect right now.

Lastly, out of nowhere, I will soon show you how to make a "Creative Zen Vision: Mmmmm" cake!!! I am hell serious!!!! It will be fun!!!! hahahaha!.

Hidden Me, Epal Me - Part 2

Posted by: Angelicum
A sequel to this post (click). However, these pictures are the older ones, after recovering my freaking hardisk, I found these life-worth picture collection year/s ago.

Safari tour at The Caribbean

Not the dancing type on parties.

May nawawala dito.

Ang hairline...

Hindi nga ako epal dito....pero hindi naman ako kita. Hahaha

I can't think of anything to blog so there! I think I'll blog about the funny self-imposed functions of my gadgets soon after this.

I Hate No More

Posted by: Angelicum on Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Ik ben gelukkig, samen leren wij het Nederlands!

with the slender slit of curtain i saw
two broke hommes they're sawing
they saw and saw and saw and saw
in between those sinful hamstrings
it sneaks the the fear of harmful hurting
through the veins of mango strings
the art of two daubed faces' paintings

Peeps, Places, and Me

Posted by: Angelicum on Saturday, January 13, 2007
I said to myself, "one more incidence and I'll blog about this."

Presenting, accidental Deja Vu pictures of my friends and myself on the same exact spots, take note, the places are not famous, so yeah.

I'm talking about pictures of my friends on the same spot where I was some time ago, this is a worldwide grasp, unplanned and nonetheless, senseless. Hahaha! You have to admit though that it's fun right.

This is me in front of "Boticelli" Restaurant in Montegobay, Jamaica Spring of 2005. It's a pathetic picture posing that I did, I am way in front of the laptop but I'm pretending to be looking at it, hoping that on cam it'll look like I'm working on my assigned task.

And this is Candice (September 2006), part of the UN Family, on the same restaurant. The only difference is that I think they're dining. Boticelli is an ubber expensive place. As compared to my picture, where we're just sitting there around for free cause the place is closed during the sunlight.

Myself in front of the Cichlids Aquarium, Ontario Zoo in Canada, May of 2005.

And this is Elton (November 2006), a friend from Repertory way in the past who recently migrated to Canada. I find this picture recently uploaded via his Friendster account, he didn't reply yet about my permission of using this photo, I'm sure he'll say yes. Hahahaha

Now, 2006, fat-year. June, ICOYE Conference. With Dave, an Indian on my left. Arms around me, Indian, we're walking for like 2 hours, we're sweaty and this pond is a resting place. So you know what message I want to deliver, my smile there is you-know-what.

And here, another photo without permission (I hope it's okay? please :p haha), Nick attending his friends' graduation on the same exact spot (later that year). Hahaha cool.

Another conclusive non-sense blog. Oda, Out!

Berttie Bott's

Posted by: Angelicum on Friday, January 12, 2007
Being the retarded Harry Potter fan that I am years ago, I am delighted to see my "old files" still alive after being revived from a really really old hard disk.

And speaking of HP, I have here a picture from my site of the Berttie Bott's Every Flavored Beans, the only fictional candy in the world that do have puke and booger as flavor.

And this, a collection of "Singly Flavored Marbles" from Canada, Christmas treat from an Aunt. Problem is it only has one flavor, chocolate, it sure looks like real marbles though.

And what's the sense of this blog? I don't know!

Apple iPhone

Posted by: Angelicum on Thursday, January 11, 2007
It's funny cause just a couple of months ago, I stumbled upon this iPhone concept website where I find "okay" and "pretty stupid" conceptual designs of Apple fans.

And then 2 days ago, I spotted a CNN feature showing the presentation of one of Apple's executives. Although the Apple conference is far cry cheaper than the Billion Dollar annual convention of Oracle OpenWorld, they're both held in San Francisco, but I only get to attend (for the past two years) OpenWorld (however this year, I wasn't able to attend any keynotes at all, just the freaking Elton John Concert for Oracle Appreciation Event).

iPhone combines three products — a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, maps, and searching — into one small and lightweight handheld device. iPhone also introduces an entirely new user interface based on a large multi-touch display and pioneering new software, letting you control everything with just your fingers. So it ushers in an era of software power and sophistication never before seen in a mobile device.

I'll be getting one of this as soon as it gets out. I promise this to myself, being the non-cellular-telephony-person that I am.

Click here for the official iPhone website.

Paolo Nutini

Posted by: Angelicum on Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Can you believe this 19-year-old Scottish brat has a voice of the Next Big Thing? Mature and ageless soul. James Blunt-like. I'm impressed!

My last "Next Big Thing" were Josh groban and Renee Olstead in their respective years, so trust me about this one now. =p

Try listening at least to one...

Click here and tweak the player.

The lyrics, the voice, the melody! Just so so! Hahaha

This past year was quite the boom for male singer/songwriters! Go testosteroned throats! Aside from Nutini, I find Mika and Matt White the Next Big Superb male vocalists for 2007, do search for their songs!

Hidden Me, Epal Me

Posted by: Angelicum
A retarded picture compilation of me being an incredible cameo character or simply being an Epal.

Conclusion? My forehead is big, wide, and have it's own stage ready to be made as runway for JC de Castelbajak's creations.

Vybrance + InAsia = Pera

Posted by: Angelicum on Monday, January 08, 2007
Will be signing a new $$contract$$ within the week. Vybrance for coporate identity conceptualist and InAsia as an ecommerce consultant and web designer.

Vybrance is a hair institute. First of, editing of models. Here you see the before and after =p

From being a simple well-rebonded South-East Asian, to a vibrant well pulled-up Filipina eligible to be the next Ford Supermodel of the World. Notice the difference of the general face framing, flawlessness of face and chest area, and the image depth. Who knows, web-designing will become history for me, and photo airbrushing will be the new thing.

Photo airbrushing is not part of my job, but I used the photo to practice things, cause if it's included, another $K will be charged.

Happy New Year, Oink Oink

Posted by: Angelicum on Friday, January 05, 2007
Hello 2007! Oink Oink!

Brandon Davis (a full pledged party-goer, super bum, exercise-phobic heir of more than a billion) welcomed year of the Pig in Hawaii, thus this piggy picture.

And what more can be better than to be defensive and to use reverse phsychology.

He was by the way recently denied an entry at The Hyde, where I, for the first time saw an ubber world-famous party(ier) slash eurotrash Anna Piaggi. That's like 3 years ago :-s

Hello Garci

Posted by: Angelicum on Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Who's this bad-mouthed Saint-projecting lad.

Will need a little waiting for it to load.

free player from

Clue: He's famous.

Slot Machine: Aftermaths

Posted by: Angelicum on Tuesday, January 02, 2007
A sub-existent original portion of my journal do have some results.

A reader, whom I'll assure as a regular (cause of other page views on different days), commented something nasty and shallow on one of my posts specifically, "Slot Machine: Pressure to Admit." Unfortunately for her, she deleted it after 4 minutes, and more unfortunately for her, I am subscribed on all comments and I get to read it. I can even show his/her face here right now, but after surfing her account, no no.

And then comes someone I really appreciated for coming here in the first place. From "Slot Machine: Gaining Weight," he then visited my Photos page. It's just something like after being angry, go search for the face of the one who wrote it! See it here:


That stalker caption is a joke, hahaha.

On the lighter side of the world, Nokia New Years Eve has been a success. Meaning, bonus will be given, it's actually more valuable than the TF. Pictures coming soon!