Angel's Herald: May 2008

HP's Marcus Belby Actor, Killed

Posted by: Angelicum on Sunday, May 25, 2008
The DailyMail is reporting today that Robert Knox, a young actor that is set to appear as Marcus Belby in the upcoming Half-Blood Prince movie of the Harry Potter series, was tragically killed in a stabbing incident in London.

According to police reports, 18-year-old Robert was defending his younger brother, 16-year-old Jamie Knox, at a bar in Sidcup.

A police spokesman has said that "A man aged 21 has been arrested on suspicion of murder. He is being held in custody."

On his HP character, Belby is a "thin and nervous-looking" boy. A candidate for the Slug Club because his Uncle Damocles invented Wolfsbane potion (HBP7).

Here are some of the newest photos from the Half Blood Prince.


I wonder if Belby will actually be seen on film. Major characters are always cut off, let alone someone who was merely mentioned in the book. My Brazilian friend, Fernando Bartuccio made it to Prisoner of Azkaban as extra, all I saw of him is his eyebrow. lol

That last Lucius Malfoy with Wolfhounds photo is very Annie Leibovitz for me, I like.

David Bet: Archuleta

Posted by: Angelicum on Wednesday, May 21, 2008
January 20, my bet is David Archuleta for this season of AI. February 2, David Cook became one of my top bets. Now they are competing for the finals and judging from their final performances a while ago, Archuleta will win the title.

I think the boy deserves to win. He's been singing since birth, thanks to his stage-father. Hahaha!

Who's your bet?

Shenanigans And Goings-On

Posted by: Angelicum on Saturday, May 17, 2008
So the past month is extremely toxic: We are on the final stage of publishing the UNEP-YAFE (United Nations Environment Programme and Young Artists Fellowship for the Environment) YouthXchange Book, and I am panicking on working for my travel documents for June (Glasgow, Scotland) and July (Sydney, Australia).

Now, the more detailed account, bishops and clergies, be ready.

I am happy that after a year in the making, the UNEP-YAFE YouthXchacnge book is in now on its final/publishing stage. UNEP-YAFE YouthXchange Book, is an initiative of The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in France, and headed in the Philippines by the Young Artists Fellowship for the Environment (YAFE). The YouthXchange book aims to be a ‘training kit’ for young Filipinos on how to live a sustainable lifestyle: tackling issues of ethical consumerism, fair trade, animal rights, children’s and women’s right, natural/organic living, awareness on human rights, and other pressing environmental and economic issues.

Our job is to translate and adapt the book in Filipino and in Filipino cases.

We are doing our best to release the book by June. We are also currently raising funds for additional copies of the book aside from the initial publication budget that we have. It's such a challenge. Fortunately, we were able to find help through our new interns from UP Los Baños (good and improving) and Mapua (we're helping them). This stage shows you how unprofessional companies and corporations in the Philippines are, to the extreme level of levels.

You see, I don't judge their response basing if they said yes or no. Company-A for example declined, but formally sent us a letter stating that their budget for two years is already allocated, very decently. Unlike other companies who will ask us to refax, re-email and resend by courier the letter we already sent them (Why? You lost them? What?), and later on decline saying they don't have funds for such projects to begin with (and we wouldn't know their response unless we call them back for updates).

The challenging part here is we have a new office, but in San Pedro, Laguna. That's 2-3 hours of travel back and forth everyday. Anyway I'm only coming twice a week. But still (-_-). I'm glad though we have a new office; super accessible too, it's just that freaking travel time. With this project, I am again experiencing having to walk in Recto, Baclaran, etc. to canvass for materials just as what I did in 2006 for UNV. It's a lot of fun unless at some point you realized you were lost.

We're in Recto yesterday afternoon and I heard from the car radio that by 2pm, there will be a typhoon. LOL. Anyhow, we managed to canvass in Recto but since no one is available to pick me up after, I was obliged to ride the jeep with my co-worker who went to her V.Cruz house; I had to stay up until the PUJ reach Metropoint Mall she said. I never saw the mall even after an hour; I decided to think I'm lost so I hopped down the PUJ on a very crowded wet market. It's really wet; they are selling clothes above the floods.

I walked for half an hour until I saw the end of LRT. Literally, it's the end, there's a weird defined cutting of the railway, I wish I brought my camera with me, but even if I have I don't think I can take photos there (snatchers). So I followed the railway and saw Metropoint Mall. Yay!

Sorry, but I think this mall should go, just like Ali Mall.

Good thing I saw this chain called Paotsin Dumplings, I never heard of it before. I chanced upon the menu and surprisingly, it's well-researched, something you can only get from chain a proprietor who travels well. I'm impressed to see two of me favorite rice on the menu: The Lemak Rice (cooked with Coconut Milk, used for Nasi Lemak) and The Hainanese Rice (cooked with Chicken Broth, used for Hainanese Chicken Rice).

Reminds me of the Nasi Lemak and Hainanese Chicken I made: Photos for Malay Satay Website.

My 'for home' made Nasi Lemak:

And AirAsia's Nasty Lemak. Hahaha!

I've done Hainanese Chicken at home twice but never got the opportunity to take photos. In the Philippines, I will suggest the Hainanese Chicken Rice of Penang Hill and Mandarin Hotel.

I'm supposed to make this blog longer, but it's 4:58am and I need to start preparing for San Pedro now (-_-). So my blog about Bishops and the Clergies, I will post later today.