Angel's Herald: September 2008

Photoshoot: YouthXchange Campaign (UNEP-YAFE)

Posted by: Angelicum on Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Behind the scenes pictures of our photoshoot for the YouthXchange Campaign, a project of the United Nations Environment Programme and Young Artists Fellowship for the Environment with support from United States Agency for International Development.

Photos grabbed from Ash, click here for more.

Leading this campaign is quite a demanding job but having worked with one of the best photographer and a proactive team of volunteers make it a lot easier. In fact, everyone involved in this shoot are volunteers, from the staffs, photographer and even the celebrities, all has dedicated their time and talent -pro-bono- to make the three-day photoshoot a success.

I'd like to thank first and foremost Ash, for not even thinking twice when I asked his potential involvement for the campaign, even if that means shooting more than 60-people in three days. I was attracted to this guy's portfolio long time ago and I couldn't be more prouder seeing him emerge as one of the industry's best, and all while still being grounded. Thanks so much Ash and Happy Birthday!!! Yay!

Thanks to Diwata of SEDP-USAID for proving her name right, a Diwata realizing our dreams =). All the models, artists (writers, dancers, singers, multi-media), athletes, students, young professionals, environmentalists and youth leaders who set best practices and deserves to represent their fields, thank you!

Digard Tuga, Dennis Celestial and Christian Garvida for assisting and squirting out creative juices.

To these physically fatal people who added a lot of asset and diversity to our campaign, thanks!!

The YouthXchange Ad Campaign is part of the UNEP-YAFE's effort of disseminating information on how to live a sustainable lifestyle. Education from this campaign will be published on a book written to be a training kit for young people on how to be a conscientious consumer and to spread awareness of how our small ways and efforts can influence others to co-exist fairly in the society and with the environment.

Outcome of these photos will be displayed as a gallery at the book launching event, it will also be exhibited on different schools, malls and on MRT stations come November.

This effort is not even a fundraiser, nor is it for anything else but spreading the word of environmental conservation and to encourage young people to be aware of their buying habits, to be aware what is behind the products or service they are about to have and to make smart choices and choose products that uses less labor and raw materials that degrade the environment and at some point other rmembers of the society.

Let's all go green!!

Unstoppable Charice

Posted by: Angelicum on Sunday, September 07, 2008
When Oprah calls you the most talented girl in the world, I think maybe it's true.. lol. I think it's a whole new level, like no one else is in there... LOL

One full episode about her.. I don't know how this tiny girl manage to hold it all together (logical and literal - head?) and still looks perfectly fine and calm on-cam. Just imagining a whole episode of Oprah dedicated to me gives me diarrhea, even if it will never happen in 1M lightyears. Hahah!