Angel's Herald: January 2006


Posted by: Angelicum on Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Here is an overview of my Multiply Photo Albums. Pretty much sums up my life for the last 3-years.

Click here for my Multiply page to view all my albums and each pictures in hi-res. Or click those "sunset" thumbnails on the right-hand side of my site.





All of these pictures are my property but due credit is given to the following people for taking some of them: Angelito Oda Jr., Anjolyn F Oda, Goizeder Ruiz de Gopegui, Juan Huerta Brogeras, Jonathan Balao, Patricia Ang, Joan Marie Jimenez, Janin Roy Saracia, Nadine Saracia, Tomita Militaru, Julia Honkannen, Raine dela Merced, Edan Ramos, Arvin Tanhuan, Therese Galang and the unknowns.