Angel's Herald: February 2007

Creative Zen Vision: Mmmmm

Posted by: Angelicum on Saturday, February 24, 2007
Yesterday, I needed to waste lots of time before going to a despidida party. Went to Starbucks West Avenue and stayed there for a year, nah 5-hours. Anyway, my Zen met a new pal, just that it's 30 GB fattier than him, which also reflect the physical attributes of its owners. Ahahahaha!!

and for the feast...

The new-to-the-Philippines mp4 player is currently making buzz reviews all around, on a Philippine Star review, it was mentioned as being better than any of the current iPods. On a People Magazine quote,it was mentioned that the physical attributes of the Zen, contrasting the new-age ultra small "coolness," makes it more interesting and unique (actually I thought it looks like a refrigerator).

I had mine since last October and actually put it out of the box just before February starts. My friend Julia saw mine and immediately searched the electronic stores but can't find one yet, she ordered hers online and chose the pink thing. Haha. Another friend Joan bought the same black player, but vied to go for the 60 GB insanity. She's planning to buy the $500 USD surround system. Insanity!

Julia thinks that Zen Vision: M is so yummy. Thus, she baked this near retarded cake to resemble her Zen! Zen Vision: Mmmmm indeed!

I wasn't able to taste the piece though. Sad.

CNN Attended Typographical Convetion

Posted by: Angelicum on Tuesday, February 20, 2007
What's happening?! Five minutes after posting that CNN error awhile ago, I refreshed CNN's homepage to see if they edited the article. What I get is an exciting entertainment headline, and another exciting typographical error.

Supposed to be "convention" misspelled as "convetion," click thumbnail to enlarge.

Click here for the CNN Article. I don't have the nergy to video it again.

CNN: An Mistake, A Error

Posted by: Angelicum on Monday, February 19, 2007
Check it out, CNN says "a elderly," click thumbnail to enlarge. =p

Click here for the article. (They may edit it soon)

Yeah very easy to edit a screenshot...

Tao lang, pwedeng magkamali... ika nga. 'di rin! =p


Posted by: Angelicum on Saturday, February 17, 2007

Naka paa, kumakain ng sunflower seed, nakakalat ang gamit, magboboard sa 16-hour flight, unang unang dumating. haggardness.

Havaianas Oscars, Fugly For 2007?

Posted by: Angelicum on Friday, February 16, 2007
Haven't blog about my favorite flip-flops lately...

For the fifth-year in a row, Havaianas will be a part of the much-coveted Academy Awards Celebrity Gift Bag. Every year, one gift bag for Oscar nominees cost more or less $50,000.

I like last year's Havaianas Oscars more!

Last year's shimmering pair is valued at over $1000 and packaged in a red velvet box, the special edition Havaianas feature a sparkling nameplate adorned with an authentic black diamond charm. This slipper is perfect! The brand logo is studded..

and can anything be cuter than that dangling charm?!

This year's giveaway is pretty hideous. I don't like those "stars" on the soles. The brand logo is a bit abandoned. The only better thing this year than last will have to be those uber cute specially- designed box resembling a Hollywood scene-shooting clacker board.!!!

The Havaianas feature 10 sparkling white diamonds set in 18 karat white gold stars that are hand mounted to each strap. Each shimmering pair is valued at over $1500.

The bottom line here? Whether it's beautiful or fugly, I won't get it anyway cause I'm not an Oscar Nominee!!!! Hahahaha!

Valentines Day

Posted by: Angelicum
We have like 6 Valentine cakes yesterday, two of which were heart-shaped, we gave out portions to other relatives who attended the evening slash morning gathering (8PM to 5AM, there are 3 toddlers involved, you have an idea how tiring it was).

Post Valentine lunch courtesy of Amy, who recently moved from Asian Development Bank (ADB) to The German Embassy (DED - Maybe you'll asked why is it DED, I don't know too). Amy planned and realized a Chinese treat since she's Chinese, who missed this food after staying in Germany the whole holiday season.

I waited for ages, cooking process, Chinese fried rice (if you're Chinese, pronounce this as 'pla-lies') scent, sticky dugyot feeling because of heat and smoke..

And here's a brown Yang Chao, the kind my dad likes.

I don't know what this is, but it tasted like this rare Lugaw recipe from Batangas (?), the oily surface confirmed it.

Oh and who knew (maybe all of you except me), this drink with big sticky balls came from China?

It's called "Sago" in The Philippines, started as traditional dirty street drink, ventured as a branded summer drink (eg: Zagu) and ended up as a flop after some year/s. However, original dirty street Sago keeps conquering the thirsty esophagus of a typical Filipino worker.
Many of this dirty drinks are sweetened with a help of a pinch of "Magic Sugar." one small pinch is enough for a whole 5 gallon container drink. Yay Cancer!!!

Wow Philippines

Posted by: Angelicum on Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Today I feel wasted, I've been trying to catch up a self-imposed deadline for my work. I need time to be in the mood to do the work for my client no matter how big or small the money equivalent is. So here goes another post that may not make any sense at all. Fun though, bleh..

Some good spotting of "Wow Philippines" moment, nonsense style. Probably one of the best thing that a trotter can do to his/her country is to promote tourism! Here are some pictures where I get to see the gifts I hand out to peeps whenever I visit an office or whatever abroad.

Here's Helen (standing) with select acquaintances and friend, Rob, George and Libby from Childnet International. Here you spot my "Kalesa" gift in their London office while having a networkers meeting.

And here's Taking IT Global's Jennifer Coreiro with my "Bahay Kubo" porcelain in their Ontario office. I spotted this scene from TIG's "virtual tour of our office."

I really feel tired right now it's not funny anymore. Extreme boredom for someone who works at home all the time, I chose home cause I don;t want to get the hassle of commuting or cabbing when pool isn't available, and also the expensive foods in RCBC makes me fatter, yay Hippo Burger!

Valentine Agenda: Eat at NingNing by lunch and get busy for the evening (big, fat, obnoxious) dinner gathering slash party slash plastic meltdown.

Blue Heart + Puso Sa MRT

Posted by: Angelicum on Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Valentines! Yay or Nay?

A blue heart-shaped remains from tattered rice-sack amidst fallen dried leaves Main Avenue, Murphy.

Another blue accidental heart from wall post paint tatterings at an MRT station.

An early Valentine greetings to those feeling Red and Blue (and pink?).

Affirmation: Slytherin's Heir, Umm Hair...

Posted by: Angelicum
Daniel Radcliffe, recently had an interview and talked more about his working on "Equus," the film that launched him as the next big thing in the porn industry.

Our little tatter Harry Potter is now Hairy potter, even more proven with his latest naked picture.

Now let's talk about agriculture, when or where do we harvest the next batch of Mongo Sprouts?? Hahahha!! (click thumbnail to view larger version)

He is so hairy it's not even funny anymore. He's already the richest youth in Britain next to Prince Harry (how possible it is that Prince William is not), probably the most popular (children's) lead character of all time, what's the need for going nude? Theatre... do I smell genuine artist here?

Cutest Cruelty, Don't Buy

Posted by: Angelicum on Sunday, February 11, 2007
The cutest cruelty aquarium is on the loose, I won't share where so that you won't be able to buy them. Hahaha. My friend, aka Cruela Devil bought a Kermit the crab painted with a cute Tazmanian Devil face. Buying pets just because they're cute is just so so sad, and don't give me the stop with that shit-you're not making any sense remark, you cold blooded animal, hahahha!

When the buying stops, the killing can too =D

They distribute an infosheet but that doesn't decrease the cruelty. Duh.

And for the feast...

I just realized that I just had a Jollibee fried chicken for lunch (3PM), and then again Chef D'Angelo's 3-piece plate.

And now, just like religion, I can't justify enough the justice given to chickens and other animals for food when I'm just talking about irresponsible pet ownership.

The Real Slytherin's Heir, Not Hair

Posted by: Angelicum on Friday, February 09, 2007
First official portrait of Draco Malfoy for the Order of Phoenix movie. Still portrayed by Tom Felton.

So so evil. Not to mention, pimply. At least he looks like the one he's portraying, and gets publicity without having to pose nude with a horse. Haha.

My Real Age, Evolution And Ancientry

Posted by: Angelicum on Wednesday, February 07, 2007
By reading a comment from BryanBoy's blog, I realized how shiteious the Department of Foreign Affairs in The Philippines is. 21st Century facilities, and our passports, even the most recent ones, are still handwritten. Some of the people I've heard thinks the manual handwriting is being maintained to decrease the possibility of faking passports. Duh? Even Nigerian passport are now typewritten/computerized. Pathetic.

Anyhow, here's my real age, go stress your eyes.

If you happen to have read the US Embassy guidelines on photo rules, you may have realized how long and detailed it is. Perhaps I'm one of the few persons who looked haggard on their US Visa.

One of the rules is not to repeat as much as possible the picture you'll use. Overruled. Another rule would be NOT as in NEVER to submit glossy photos. Overruled. Here you can see my evolution from being a cigarette vendor to a well-fed wanted drug lord slash Triad member.

At least Philippine VISA is digitalized, AT LEAST. Unlike the Jamaican VISA, in which you can have it made by any random stamp maker in Cubao. And to think, Ambassador Tesoro (wife or immediate relative of Patis Tesoro) is one bunch of a boastful Humpty Dumpty, for graciousness sake, his office (Jamaican Embassy in The Philippines) looks and smells like our bodega. I swear, no exaggeration needed, I'm so so serious.

Booo manual handwriting on passports! Boo cheap stamps as VISAs Hahaha!

Self Freaking Portrait

Posted by: Angelicum

Today's Mail

Posted by: Angelicum
My mail from San Francisco has been stock at the customs for like a month or two, how crap can Philippines post be?

Lookie lookie at my mailbox..Mail from City University Hong Kong:

Ohhh! Rolex Awards for Enterprise! From Geneva, Switzerland.

Oracle memorabilia from San Francisco.