Angel's Herald: August 2006

The Devil Wears Prada

Posted by: Angelicum on Thursday, August 31, 2006
For the past ten days, I was able to indulge myself with three movies. First would be the corniest movie of the year, My Super Ex Girlfriend. Second, Click, which is okay, and Little Man which is funny but not funny enough.

Have been hearing lots of Buzz about Devil Wears Prada, will watch it tomorrow. I like Anne Hathaway, just not in Brokeback Mountain. She's a funny cute girl. On the other hand, I like their Poster:

And speaking of Prada and devils, how about this:

and a close-up here:

Oh and how about an ULTRA EXPENSIVE Gucci Sunglasses?

I know these Pope Pictures are old news, but I just want to share some clippings:

Pope Benedict appears to have a taste for the finer things in life.

While Pope John Paul II wore plain brown shoes, for example, Pope Benedict is often spotted wearing ruby red slippers some say were designed by the top-shelf brand Prada.

But the fashion doesn't stop at his feet. The Pope's watch is believed to be a Cartier, as are his reading glasses. He's even been seen wearing that most-famous of Italian marques Gucci.

The Vatican says all the designer items were presents and don't conflict with the church's doctrine.

Gifts huh? Yeeeeaaaah right! So you're saved from gluttony and high fashion capital sin? Sure!

Oh god, give me a **c*!

Posted by: Angelicum
Will a baby end the Japanese Monarchy succession crisis? Early August, Crown Princess Kiko was admitted to the hospital for her expected September 6 c-section delivery to a baby, who can be Japan's next emperor. Well, that's if he's a boy. Whatever happened to Gender Equality? It's 2006 for god sake! So to top it all up, the monarchy is definitely eager to have the first baby boy in the family. The rule states that the successor should be the first born male, not child, male child. Sad.

Let's just wait for the expected birthday and check CNN on September 6. As if you guys care.

Last year, in the light of lack of symptoms and possibilities of pregnancy for either Kiko or Masako, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi supported a law that will change the freakin old skool rules of the monarchy to exclusively bestow the chrysanthemum throne to gay guys, oh, I mean male; and allow a female heiress (you see in the dumb people's world, this is not a problem, say Paris Hilton for example). However, last February when the announcement of Kiko's pregnancy came, the proposed law was shelved and put into archives. Lame Koizumi.

I don't know what's the big deal with either girl or boy, gay or lesbian. Especially with our Japanese brother, it doesn't make a "big" difference anyway, it's very "small" unfortunately for them. Hey, I didn't say anything! So what's up with that?

Anyway look at Princess Aiko, she's so cute she looks like a cold porcelain. She so looks like cousin's daughter, cuter though. Here lookie lookie.

I have a considerable amount of Japanese blood by the way and that "small and big" statement above is not applicable in our family so shut up.


Posted by: Angelicum
Isn't this just the most annoying facial projection ever? I don't know who he was, my brother told me about the annoying guy, and I wouldn't waste time researching for who he was and what he do. Yeah, I know, I wasted time sharing to you his fuckto, I mean photo, but that's because I want to share the pain.

I don't care if he's the most innocent man on earth but I wish he will be imprisoned soon or given a death sentence. Okay that's a joke, I want no one dead. Yeah right.

LV Open Styles

Posted by: Angelicum on Wednesday, August 30, 2006
The best slippers in the world. I want one. If I can just go 6 months back, I can actually that Alligator! However, thinking of it, I can have at least 200 pairs of Havaianas equivalent to one pair of Louis Vuitton Open Style.

Saharian Mule in Glazed Calf Leather, GBP 255 (USD 485 or 24,700 PHP). Look at how shiny it is. It looks so great I want to eat it raw.

Canvas Mule, GBP 155 (USD 294 or 15,000 PHP).This pair is so cute I want to lick it.

Panama Thong in Canvas, GBP 170 (USD 323 or PHP 16,500). Very LV-like, it looks more expensive than it actually is, not that it's not expensive enough.

Nuback Leather Thong, GBP 245 (USD 466 or PHP 23,759). Isn't this just so freaking cool? It look so amazing it's already orgasmic.

Alligator Leather Thong, GBP 1,060 (USD 2,016 or PHP 102,750). Black version of my top choice down there. So cool!

Alligator Leather Thong, GBP 1,060 (USD 2,016 or PHP 102,750). And here's what I'm talking about, the Ultimate Pair, very practical cause it looks like it's good for slapping too. I can't believe how amazing Louis Vuitton Sandals can get, I'm so out of freakin words with this pair. I hope the Alligator was killed fast.

Donations are welcome. Please. =p

Petron CEO on the Oil Spill

Posted by: Angelicum
Oh, CEO Nicasio I. Alcantara speaks...

Under our Ligtas Guimaras program, we have already cleared 25 kilometers of shoreline and we expect the on-shore clean-up to finish in 45 days.

45 days? Sure that's possible, yeah, let's see.

We will continue to commit all necessary Petron resources in support of this effort. We are committed to the solution of this problem. At sea, we have deployed substantial equipment including oil skimmers, oil spill booms, dispersants, and Waterborne Industry Spill Equipment (WISE) tugboats to combat the oil spill. We have also placed properly-equipped vessels in strategic areas to monitor the oil spill and ensure that this is contained.

Resources like oil absorbents, damped manually by the people from the community to the very small rocks and mangrove saplings, resources so valuable that they visibly are not of any help at all. The other day I also heard they are using hays and human hair to absorb the oil. 2 Million gallons of oil, how many human beings should have their hair cut to absorb this oil, and how if the hair is oily too?

Click here for the whole freakin' message.

Guimaras Oil Spill

Posted by: Angelicum
I was watching Tagas sa Gimaras by Karen Davila and I was amazed to know that Philippines is second (16) to Australia (24) for the most number of sea grass species. Eight can be found in guimaras including the largest sea grass in the world.

Guimaras is also home for the sweetest Mangoes in the world. And just now my brother told me that his friend's family do have a Mango farm there, and that just last week he promised to bring him Mangoes. Duh.

Topping the tourism chart in the country and Asia.

Unfortunately, Solar I, a tanker commissioned by Petron to transport 2 million liters of oil sank somewhere in Guimaras Straight.

The oil spill as of now affected 200 kilometers of shoreline, stretching 500+ kilometers of flow, damaging more than 1000 hectares of mangroves, seaweed plantations, coral reefs, marine reserves and rich fishing grounds. The area is known to be home to the dugong and at least 2 of the 5 turtles found in the Philippines. This incident endangered the life and livelihood of over 10,000 people in the island.

I sincerely think that Petron officials responsible for all of this should be imprisoned for life and for death. This is hundreds of years of suffering, some damages can never be revived and it will permanently effect a great deal of impact to the area's ecosystem.

Party Giveaways

Posted by: Angelicum on Tuesday, August 29, 2006
If you are reading this blog via my Multiply account, you'll be able to see my first entry about my cousin's son's party giveaway that I liked so much. If you're viewing this via my Blogger account, then just go here.

Anyway, my question is... Why spend PHP 300 (USD 6) if you can go for a PHP 20 (USD 40/c) giveway?

Moby Crunchy Chocolate: PHP 5 (USD 10/c)
Ovaltine Tablets: PHP 4 (USD 8/c)
Happy Peanuts Garlic: PHP 1 (USD 2/c)
Happy Peanuts Hot&Spicy: PHP 1 (USD 2/c)
Mentos Mint: PHP 50/c (USD 1/c)
Mentos Calamansi: PHP 50/c (USD 1/c)
2 Jelly Ace: PHP 5 (USD 10/c)
Tropical Lollipop: PHP 3 (USD 6/c)
Total: PHP 20 (USD 40/c)

Believe it or not this is a real corporate giveaway on a certain company in The Philippines brought home by my brother.

UPDATE: Slot Machine - Gaining Weight

Posted by: Angelicum
Some blogs away you'll see my first slot machine entry, an Angel's Herald original. Rosanna is one of the three personalities featured. Here's an update of 180lbs Rosanna Roces, which I think is actually lieng about her real weight.

Let's go eat!

By the way, I'm loving Southbeach Salad with vinegrette. Wow.

Deja Vu

Posted by: Angelicum
I hope Deja Vu will happen and the time will come when I like Beyonce again. 80% of anger is for Tina Knowles, 1 more inch and she'll be a successful Dina Lohan clone. Crappy stage mothers.

Now let's see.

Here's the ever so pulled up Victoria Beckham for a Roberto Cavalli Donna swimsuit ad campaign, and the ever so original Beyonce Knowles on the same get up.

And now, presenting Mariah Carie on a Marie Claire spread some years ago and the ever so original Beyonce on the same gold beanbag-like bedding wearing a white dress and a big hair too, now for the French verions of Maxim: Maximal. Maybe maximum immitaion?

Now that's what I call DEJA VU.

Sharing: or boasting?

Posted by: Angelicum
Watch this BBC Interview. I'm the last one to be interviewed. this was shown on BBC's "Click Online."

Click here.

Mga Taong Nakakainis

Posted by: Angelicum on Monday, August 28, 2006
People who no matter how I try to like, are just so not likeable. The top five peeps who I wish didn't exist at all.

Morning morning! No work today!

[EDIT] Spelling errors on the images, no time to edit shitters =P [/EDIT]

Slot Machine: Pressure to Admit

Posted by: Angelicum
Whoever will be caught kissing another guy first gets the jackpot. 2-year supply of Beauty Products from Japan. Ooops, hey Raymond, we're just about to begin.

Carlos Agassi. Filipino-Iranian. Stinks so much. Gay.

Piolo Pascual, keeps on saying he do have a son who's like 7-years old now. So? Hey daddy! Can I call you Papa instead?

Raymond Gutierrez, was already caught kissing and dating other guys. When asked who his idol is, his answer is none other than his beauty queen sister Ruffa. I feel so bad for his twin Richard, I am more than sure he have seen it all. Was exiled in the US by Mommy Anabelle until he throws away his homosexuality. However, Mommy Showbiz Manager won't keep him for long when offers for Raymond's career is overwhelming. Now, pay the consequences Mama Rama.

Nothing against gay here. Just having fun.

Soutbeach Diet

Posted by: Angelicum
Last year's Southbeach freaking Diet actually worked, but I just can't stand it then. So I lost like 30lbs but gained it back when I had my Caribbean and North American escapade last year, what do you expect from food-loving Asians like me? Traveling is the best thing in the world ever and food is one of the reasons. What do you expect from me if I was imprisoned on a beautiful resort and was allowed to eat UNLIMITEDLY, NO MATTER WHAT, EVERYTHING and just about anything. Boom, in five days, 20lbs.

Okay so here's a good ol' senti moment of my thin arms. The transition that is.

This is my 2nd day in Jamaica. 135lbs.

and after some sinful cheesecakes away...

...tada!..I know this is the lamest joke ever.

Well here's not a joke. 160lbs monster in Canada.

My first week this week for the Southbeach. Good luck to me. Before image, please refer to that video below. I'll post an after result in a month and then when I'm about to leave for San Francisco on October 20.

Slot Machine: Gaining Wait

Posted by: Angelicum on Sunday, August 27, 2006
Whoever made the 230Ibs first gets the jackpot. 2-year supply of McDonald's Happy Meal.

On the not-so-surprising light, Aga Muhlach! Southbeach Diet for a month is hell, let's eat carbs!

Rosanna Roces. No explanations needed. Doomed.

On the baby fat side of the ring, 16-year old Karting Champ Matteo Guidicelli made a left turn and spend his endorsement talent fees for more hamburgers! Recently not doing so well on the race track, Guidicelli was advised to loose some weight or he might not fit inside the Kart no more.

Paparazzi at the Promenade

Posted by: Angelicum
Paparazzi Saracia and Jimenez snatching photos and video clips of superstar Angelicum Oda in Starbucks at The Promenade.


Bintana sa RCBC

Posted by: Angelicum
This is my desk at the UN. Perhaps the longest desk in the whole UN system in the country. Hahaha!

And just last week, an amazing thing happened. For the first time of at least 3 years I'm working with them, I saw the window cleaners! yeba! 29 floor from the ground, so cool!

...and what else? of yeah later I'll post some nonsense clip. =p

LV Fall/Winter 06-07

Posted by: Angelicum on Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Aren't these the nicest men's bag you can ever have? I'm glad they used models this time, not that shitty gangstah Pharell "monkey" Williams. That last model though would better be playin' Ronald Weasley for the next Harry Potter movie installment for the sake of witchcraft and wizardry, I hope though that Rupert Grint's career won't nosedive.

That red bag rocks, when can you ever have a red bag when you're a guy? Unless these things do have Rabbits and Chinchillas on them, and unless I will have the right amount of money to get hold of these, might as well have them? Come on, when will I have my next USD 3,000! Shayt! =P

Oracle OpenWorld

Posted by: Angelicum
October 22 I'll be off to San Francisco for ORACLE ThinkQuest and ORACLE OpenWorld. Better than last year, it's a month later this time, more time to prepare for goodness sake. One of my life wish is to be a yearly regular of this event. I love to experience SF with Oracle's expense =P... the event was amazing last year, from the moment I landed I saw an ORACLE airplane and within the week, I saw all SF buses customized on an ORACLE print, cars, jets, boats, cruyises, you name it. It's a real ORACLE World. Coolness! Can't wait!

Oracle OpenWorld 2006 is the world's largest event dedicated to helping enterprises understand and harness the power of information. Connect with the people, products, and trends at the forefront of business and information technology in San Francisco.

Here's a Link.

20 pairs please

Posted by: Angelicum on Tuesday, August 22, 2006
I can go to your place wherever in the world you are (shoulder my plane tickets please). I can do whatever on earth you would like me to (okay this may be a joke). Just give me this special 20 (okay it can be ten, too) pairs of Havaianas on a special collector's item wardrobe bag on my birthday, or the days before and after that. Actually, anytime!

I went to a secret schoolplace last week to inquire about college. Look lookie, people of the Philippines all wearing slippers, hey, not Spartan! But my ever so favorite havvies. Boys, girls, gays, lesbos, students, teachers, just about all of them. So nice to see peeps get to realize the importance of simplicity, ultra quality and style. And yes, practicality, cheap price, good for more than a year, good for this kind of weather! Goooo!!

Cheese Escudero's Louis Vuitton

Posted by: Angelicum on Monday, August 21, 2006
Ok, last night's new program, Urban Living with the ever beautiful and Hermes Kelly owner Daphne OseƱa Paez featured representative Francisco Joseph "cheese" Escudero's lavish home.

Okay okay, I am not one of those pathetic craps who keeps on whining about politicians with good houses if ever not homes. But come on, Cheese, who keeps on whining about president GMA's lifestyle while Philippiness is in poverty? Cheese, who before you know it, can be seen on the streets after a USD/Cent 1 increase per liter of gasoline?

No to 1-USD/Cent Increase!
No to GMA's luxurous hotel rooms!

Yes for a 130,300 peso LV vanity case equivalent to at least 8 Gawad Kalinga houses!

...owning a Louis Vuittonn beauty case worth GBP 1,350 or PHP 130,303.72 or actually even more? Comee on, practice what you preach luxurous hero of the poor!

yarny yarny poem

Posted by: Angelicum on Thursday, August 17, 2006
now i'm on with this new blog
and everyday i am obliged to log

it is for the nth time that i did a blogsite
and never did i liked one for my sight

i am a certified multiply pal
but it seems more of a pictures site
than that of a journal

now we will see if i will like this
if yes, then good, let's give the chance a peace...

wahahaha whatever?! damn...