Angel's Herald: November 2006

Onion (and Hispanic?) Aroma is..

Posted by: Angelicum on Wednesday, November 22, 2006
...Great! For foods though. Been involved with spiced up foods lately, first on the list, Meditteranian-slash-Hispanic smelling Mr. Kabab in West Avenue. Shawarma or Burger (still looks like a shawarma anyway), won't be as divine and immaculate without this yummy and familiar trademark-almost-patented white sauce (see my previous post about Mayor Felicisimo Vierneza).

Second, the retardedly amazing ambiance (can improve the menu) of Prince of Jaipur in Manila.

I wonder if the food will be worst if you're eating it outside the closed doors...

or away from the terrace... (picture credits from POJ website)

And another great find, perhaps the best find in San Francisco. Extremely cheap yet delicious and volumic food that will leave you leaving your food half full, in a good sense though.

It doesn't matter if you're wearing a uniform...

as long as your plate is as big and as full as this...

cause there will always be enough metal-covered embotido...

to match with that bread, which I'm wondering what's up with the bubbles, it's not cheese?!

Oh yeash.

Mr. Kabab White Sauce picture credit from ginnyginny@multiply. Stairway editing by me. =P

Pinoy Food: Sashimi

Posted by: Angelicum on Monday, November 20, 2006
Wasn't able to capture it on video... "Miss ko na ang pagkaing pinoy," Manny Pacqiao said on a TV Pattrol interview, he continues.. "Gaya ng Sashimi." Haha!

Aftermath Additionals: Mayor Vierneza

Posted by: Angelicum on Thursday, November 16, 2006
  1. It takes five hours to one and a half hour to finish one mural.Some artists would even do it by more than that. Mayor Fely wants us to finish the mural in 20 minutes, he wants us to just sketch the figure and let the miss earth finalists paint the picture one by one. He thinks that in 20 minutes of fame--the 30 candidates can finish the mural . This is so stupid belief for one who really does not understand how to paint. Okey, let these 30 candidates do the paint in 20 minutes--but still it is us who will suffer because it can not be finished in 20 minutes. Not really. So who will finalize it if they realize that it can not be finished in 20 minutes? us.

  2. Quoting my message on previous post: "We asked for around PHP 10,060 (USD 200) from San Pedro Mayor Felicisimo Vierneda. This cheap demands from our side will be solely used for acrylic and oil paints, brushes, boards and the like...." --> actually we asked them to budget that amount, either they buy the EXACT materials we will need or he let us buy the materials in hardware and National Bookstore and we just then give the official receipt. He said it is too expensive--we challenged them to buy the material themsleves in National Bookstore and let them realize how expensive it is to create a mural of around 5 x 6 feet.

  3. when we stated in the budget that we will be using oil paints in tube. Sabi nya, hindi raw mauubos ang 20 pcs of 150ml oil paint in tube sa isang 5 x 6 feet mural (??????). Halatang walang alam. Kulang pa nga pu iyon.

  4. How dare him to accuse us of that--when in fact some of our members are willing to take a leave of absence from work just to help his office for the mural? And these members will not be compensated for this superficial environmental campaign? So can we separate the word service from exploitation? Who is doing business, anyway?

  5. Mura naman talaga ang MURAL--kapag wall/pader ang pagpepaintingan mo, pero kung totoong canvass (yung ginagamit sa mga galleries), kailangan bang gumamit ng BOYSEN paint? at kailangan din bang magtipid sa Miss Earth.--this is a clear example of how most of the times , our goals do not match with the politicians. That mayor would like us to assist in painting and maximize his exposure but by exploiting the volunteer artists (by giving substandard materials). Pinagpipilitan nya na hindi naman talaga tayo ang magpafinalize ng artwork, mag-aassist lang daw for 20 minutes--pero hindi nya naiintindihan--hindi matatapos ang isang mural for 20 minutes. so TAYO pa rin ang tatapos.

  6. We cancelled that what so-called "partnership" with his office. They were the one who approached us in the first place anyway. In fairness, all his people are good to us and they were very sorry for what happened. Only one to three persons who do not have balls at all are bad--the DILG officer and the other unnamed two--who used to back him up everytime he criticizes someone.

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Mayor Felicisimo Vierneza

Posted by: Angelicum on Wednesday, November 15, 2006
First of, facts, San Pedro Mayor Felicisimo Vierneza:

1,) ********.
2,) do have a MAXIM Magazine with Aubrey Miles on the cover on top of his desk, just beside the marmol engraving saying that he is "Honorable."
3,) do have pending cases and controversies because of his corruption.
4,) will spend PHP 100,000 (USD 2,000) for the visitation of Miss Earth Candidates in San Pedro.
5,) is not famous cause I can't find any picture of him online and so I have to ask a friend to scan his ugly near-death-or-dead face.

We are suppose to do some mural paintings with the candidates of Miss Earth 2006 this coming Friday in San Pedro, Laguna. For free, a public service as advocates the environment and campaigners of sustainable lifestyle.

We asked for PHP 10,060 (USD 200) from San Pedro Mayor Felicisimo Vierneza. This cheap demands from our side will be solely used for acrylic and oil paints, brushes, boards and the like.

He said that 10,060 is way too much and even accused us of doing business rather than service. He then asked "why do we need PHP 2,000+ for brushes when four pieces of cheap brushes can do the job." Freaking holy cow. THIRTY (30) Miss Earth Candidates, more than 10 artists... 4 brushes? asshole. As a shallow, unintelligent and minuscule brained fucking Mayor that he is, he asked why do we have to have Acrylic and Oil paints, ANO GUSTO NIYA, BOYSEN PAINT?

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I Am Better Than YouTube?

Posted by: Angelicum
This is just for fun though, Karim's picture are fully credited to =P

YouTube was founded by three American geniuses and it was recently bought by Google for a whopping 1.6 Billion USD. Old news right?

One of the three YouTube inventors who do have a good share of Google's offer.

...and this is his Website, his entry for the competition.

...and this and this are mine (together with my team).

Your Door Smashed: You Will?

Posted by: Angelicum
What will you do if your condominium door was smashed, and you're not there for so long. ...then find some good ol' Search Warrant taped somewhere inside your ransacked house.

I [myself] have gone through legal battles (Harry Potter days) and this can be considered an old news. Like Mirriam Defensor-Santiago used to say, "I eat bullets for breakfast."

Click the pictures for full freaking view.

Updates on the invention of "Northwest Airlines Fake Boarding Pass Generator" will be posted here as Christopher Soghoian himself posts significant development on this hilarious accusations.

Reasons for this generator were actually very reasonable. Using this, you can:

1. Meet your elderly grandparents at the gate
2. 'Upgrade' yourself once on the airplane - by printing another boarding pass for a ticket you're already purchased, only this time, in Business Class.
3. Demonstrate that the TSA Boarding Pass/ID check is useless.

Blurry Pictures

Posted by: Angelicum on Monday, November 13, 2006
I planned to do a long pictionary, however, my freaking CD drive won't cooperate and demanded a freaking replacement. I got some pictures on my SDs and USBs though. I think this picture has a great beldn of colors, taken at San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge park.

Starring Tomy from Romania (Bottom) and Sebastian from germany (Top). No, that's not their sexual rankings and they are not gay, (they are very nice and cool) despite the picture below.

Don't you just love it when you yourself takes pride on your photography. Then when it's your turn to be photographed, it's blurry.

More pictures coming soon. I have s many things to blog about really, I'm just so busy busy crap.

Double Double Chin (TV Patrol)

Posted by: Angelicum on Friday, November 10, 2006
Yes, my chin has a life of its own. Just like Nicole Richie's Balenciaga having its own Balenciaga.

This is my interview for ABS-CBN's The Filipino Channel (TFC). Ging Reyes interviewed me in San Francisco a little more than a week ago about my winning at the 2006 ThinkQuest. This crap over here is so stripey because of the incompatibleness of my camera and my not=plasma TV. Hahaha.

All views of myself are tolerable, but that chair front view just did it for me, I want to perform Harakiri ASAP! Eww! I am glad though that this feature was not categorized under Crime/Police Report of the 6pm news.