Angel's Herald: Three-Week Pictionary

Three-Week Pictionary

I've been busy for the past three weeks. But I'm happy that in between my serious workload, I was able to go out and managed not to be, or act like a crap to those who are for the moment considered not the top priority. I guess my continuously happy nature besides the hectic schedule is all because of three fattening things: food (lots of it, not just eating out, will explain later), air-con (new one arrived, can make 3 rooms freeze) and money (more work, more money, getting fatter).

Okay so these are some highlights of the past three weeks I wasn't able to blog. I minimized the serious stuff, the rest are non-sense as always:

I'm working on...

...our application for MDG Project Fund, the amount of money involved is so huge it's not even funny anymore. Many People think when someone was able to top a proposal bid for funding, that the winner is so darn rich now! Yay! Of course not. It may sound like Mother Teresa, but if you're working for a project aimed at improving lives of certain group of people and community at large, you simply won't get any of those money. And yet again, it may sound unrealistic, as unrealistic as Prospero Pichay spending 500 Million Pesos for his senatorial campaign and not expecting it to be returned to him at all and that all he wants is to serve.

Can you see the amount on the first frame? Anyway, these proposals are not an independent potential programme by myself or any superhero, it's both an administrative and operational programme at the UN. I made these powerpoint presentation for five days and if you're working on Human Development, NGO or any other related programmes, you can download the documents for reference.

Aside from that, I am also working on a book adaptation project which we have already been funded for by UN Environment Program. The UNEP-UNESCO Youth-X-Change book contains basic information about Sustainable Lifestyle and Sustainable COnsumption, we are working on adapting the global version to a "Philippinized" version with appropriate case-studies and the like.

Curvier Hermione

I'm Harry Potter fan again. From The Dailymail: "In a shot promoting the latest instalment in the series for Imax 3D cinemas, a profile of the 17-year-old actress, who plays Hermione Granger, appeared to have been made curvier.

Yet in other publicity for Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, the same shot has been used unaltered."

Pathetic isn't it?

Harry Came... and it feels good

So Spiderman 3, the movie, revealed that everything everyone has been plotting and working on for quite sometime are all useless and that everything was a stupid and nasty case of misunderstanding and miscommunication. Spiderman's first suspect for his uncle's death was wrong, the second suspect was right on, but then it's not exactly intended. Wow. Harry's one and only suspect on his father's death was wrong too, apparently it's his father's own blade that killed the gut, so the anger of both sides were all useless. Wow. And above all this retarded plot, there's Mary Jane singing in front of you, who perhaps forgot to clean her nose before performing.

So yeah, 8 out of 10 Gateway Cinemas were playing Spiderman 3 the first time I tried to like it. Regardless, its been a fun experience as I am watching the movie with Ate Mhy and Moymoy (Nikko not mentioned). And even funnier cause Moymoy urinate on my paper cup instead of getting out of the moviehouse to use the bathroom. The serene joy of hearing the sound of dripping pee when the movie's sound was at the time low-key so to say. Hahahhaha patawa! Grabe! Here's Moy in Timezone.

So yes, for the first time in history of humankind, Chinx drove me from Gateway for more than 2 hours! Hahhaa! We then headed for a pizza dinner at Yellowcab, you can see the box is bigger than the person eating it. And that very appetizing picture of me with my tongue out, thus it was pixelated.

The second time I watched it (next story), all we did is laugh about the odd editing and production work, and how we imagined (scene where the funny Cement Guy's fist is plumbing Spidey) Harry having some nasty stuff on his abs and chest when Spidey said "Harry you came."

Touring Luzon in One Night

Call time is 3:30 pm, I have a meeting but was then willing to get out as soon as I see (overlooking) one of my expected friends arrive at the restaurant across where the meeting I'm into is being held.

Was expecting four friends, Nadine is the earliest bird and she arrived at 15 minutes before 6:00 pm. HAhahaha! Whoooow! Chinky couldn't make it, and Arvin fell asleep. So it's me and Nadine in Coffee beanery waiting for Therese, who arrived at 6:30 pm. Wow.

Picture 1: Coffee Beanery I think is more worth the money than Starbucks. Superb service compared to Starbuck's self-service system, and extremely low prices almost half that of Starbuck's. A mere ham and cheese sandwich in Starbucks is the same worth as that of Coffee Beanery's Garlic in Olive Oil pasta. The garlic cheese bread is perfect, they use the same thing for Cravings since the two are sister companies.

Picture 2: Matet starts to feel like going to the bathroom. Therese is about to arrive.

Picture 3: We had dinner at Mongkok in Shangri-la. For me, great foods, poor poor service. You just really have to eat there, I'm not good on review-like articulation and writing. So the poor service, you'll need to call at least twice before they attend to you, and you're lucky if you won't need to remind them again. And this, I asked for a new fork cause the first one is crooked, the waiter never came back, I asked again. They gave me the second fork, and it's still a deformed one. You can see the photos of the forks on my "Miscellanious Two" album, of course I emailed the owner afterwards =p (after dinner we watched Spiderman, so yes it's my second time)

Picture 4: Starbucks, me occupying 80% of the photo, with Therese, we're waiting for her sister.

Picture 5: Someone, a poser suddenly popped out of nowhere. I hate it when people appears when you don't like to see them at all.

Picture 6: Here we go, we're in Shangri-la right. I live in Murphy. So I'm only 15 minutes away from there especially when there's no traffic. Little did I know that I'll just have a tour of Luzon before being dropped of by T's sister. Not that I hate it, I actually loved it! Would be better though if we started road tripping earlier, not 2 am. We went to Makati Area or Pasig or both... then some place I don't know. It's dark, like drug dealing meet-up place. But there're no drugs involved. I sighed when I was already able to see the bridge over Santolan, which means I'm getting really near to my drop-off point. Nooooooooot! A sudden right turn that lead us to Taytay Rizal, wooooow. I swear I think I saw Club Manila East! I then realized that we're heading at Eastwood, another sigh of relief, at that moment I thought "I'll leave my friends here and ride the cab, our next stop might include Baguio and La Union," but what took me back is the fact that T's sister pala will drop something off Joyce Jimenez's condo. Hahhahaha! Kidding. Anyway I'm still awake when I made it home. Lesson of the story: Daanan na lahat ng dadaanang business para makatipid sa gas. Who knew.

Surf and Turd

This particular day is full of turdy story. (Picture 1) All started with this turdy Choco Chip Cookie at Coffee Beanery. It made my stomach rumble, I'm not amazed cause to match with that cookie, I'm sipping some whip cream and melted marshmallow infested coffee. Little did I know that even with the rumbling stomach, I'll still be able to consume two dinners. Two.

(picture 2 and 3) Finally, the failed meet-up last time happened, at The Cravings. On the menu, there's this Turd looking beef, it's one of the inclusions for the Surf 'n' Turf meal. Chicken in a basket, not great, below good, and french fries is soggy! Pasta, good good, and as always, I like the garlic cheese bread stick. Aside from one of the menu, there just seem to be something Turdy going on, I'm not sure if it's my stomach or something else.

(picture 4 5 6) Therese by the way didn't make it at The Cravings, she's late. We waited again at The Coffee Beanery, our left-over pasta didn't full her stomach, and the previous dinner (or is it the dinner) ruined my appetite anyway, so we decided to have another dinner at Tender Bob's. Simple word to describe the burger, it's perfect (no wonder with all the rave reviews online!). Quite ironic that tender Bob's also have "Surf 'n' Turf" on their menu. I then suggested that that of Craving's should be named "Surf 'n' Turd." I also needed to leave early cause I'll attend a despidada party, so yeah I ate again. I puke twice when I got home, it's not funny.

Si Pichay at ang Sugat ko

I watched GMA's "Isang Tanong" special featuring the senatoriables. It will not be helpful anymore to even talk about what happened, Richard Gomez is a piece of crap that should just sleep or try to say his prayers inside the bathroom. I have videos and clips of him stuttering and all, but I find it useless to upload via YouTube. It's such a waste of my time. Really. Dakilang Epal talaga I swear! He's so happy when it was Victor Wood's turn to answer questions, cause finally, someone more stupid than him.

And then there's Pichay, I left the room and surf the net.

Prospero Pichay is the number 1 spender this campaign season, millions and millions of peso. But still, not even on recent survey's top 12. All aspect oh this person is flawed, and physically, my gaping and bleeding wound is more flawless than his face.

Summer Highlight

I'm a flexible worker. I can be a manpower resource (pawis at dugo), and I can also be an honorary ambassador (luxury, doing nothing). I've organized events, low-key or high-profile, attendees from 15 (stirring committees) people to a million (Millennium Campaign Stand Up event), and recently I've tried organizing an overseas trip. Wow, craziness. Change of schedules, change of routes, change of hostels, change of tickets etc. It's quite lunatic but it's alot of fun. And finally we're flying! (we're only three haha)

Our main home-base will be Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur, I sense this to be more of a city tour with some shopping and flee market walks. It's quite astonishing to know too, that our hostel's cheap price (it's so cheap you'll suspect that this is a cockroach infested room, but not!) includes 24-hour free internet.

Second stop will be Singapore, we'll be staying on a hostel 20-minute away from the beach (haven't clarified yet if this is the Sentosa beach), so it will more of a windy and serene two-night stop with just a little bit of city tour and bargaining, and perhaps a little Elephant ride.

Next is Bangkok, Thailand. From Singapore, it will take us 24-hour of train ride in which seats are meant to be made bunk beds during the night. It'll be such an experience really. I'm looking forward to see the temples and to stay away from hot and spicy foods. Hahaha!

Cambodia is a different thing, it will just be a day trip in between our Thailand stay. I'm looking forward to taking pictures with the Monks.

First Kiss

And finally, someone blogged about first kiss. Your eyes will turn white and I won't care if you can read the blurred texts or not. Hahaha!

I blurred the second photo on the blogger's post cause it's sensitive. Ahahaha!!! Anyway here's the higher resolution of that picture.

Bottomline: lower right corner.... BAG KO YAN AH!! HAHHAHA.
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