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About Me

A young diplomat from Manila who in spite of being involved in development field (promotion of sustainable lifestyle for example) for almost a decade now, is still very, very much materialistic.

An internationally-recognized youth leader and ICT specialist, he is a certified lover of least-modern technologies (use of Notepad instead of Dreamweaver for example), has traveled a considerable part of the globe and is living his life to further his walks (a natural fast-walker, he refuse to run).

Coming from a family of good eaters, he loves to cook and eats gourmet daily since birth (he has his own natural/organic 'House Seasoning' formula and does not use Maggie Magic Sarap granules), he considers Coke his water (he has a soda water machine and sometimes make his own Coke) and non-sleeping slumber parties his rest. In his spare time, he tries to regularly squeeze (equivalent of trimming for non-retarded plants) his aquatic Japanese Marimo moss ball 'cause legend says it's a 'good luck'. He breeds Miniature Schnauzers and show Guppies and eats the World Wide Web for a living.

More recently, he found great joy in making a Shih Tzu show topknot and added fancy Shih Tzu bows in his collections (you're right, it couldn't be any gayer), with Spoons from around the globe as his first life mission. On a more serious note, he's finishing a special course on Environmental Diplomacy at the University of Geneva and changes his underwear every time he hops onto the next plane (on peak seasons, that means 6 flights in 8 days).

Despite my honest and sometimes very obnoxious writing on this blog, I still see to it that readers won't think of me as a geek hiding in front of his computer.

My ICT Achievements Include:
  • Oracle Education Foundation's ThinkQuest International for years 2005 and 2006
  • Cable and Wireless' Childnet Academy 2005
  • Digital World Foundation’s Global Junior Challenge 2007
  • World Summit on Information Society’s Global Knowledge Partnership 2006
  • US State Department and Global SchoolNet’s Doors to Diplomacy 2006

I have worked for The United Nations, Manila (with volunteer jobs starting when I was 16), currently working for a UNEP-project as well as several NGOs here and abroad, government and private sectors.

You can view some Press clippings or articles featuring me by clicking here.

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