Angel's Herald: October 2005

Advertisement: Pet Cremation, Manila, Philippines

Posted by: Angelicum on Saturday, October 29, 2005

Rainbow Bridge Pet Aftercare Services provides a sensitive alternative to bereaved pet owners in the Philippines.

Our aim is to provide a proper and dignified tribute to your pet's life, and give you the opportunity to do the last and best gesture of love to a companion that you consider nothing less than a family member and who deserves nothing less.

We specialize in offering the finest in individual pet cremations. We are committed to providing exceptional and -pride ourselves on providing- a highly personalized service that meets all of your wishes which we always strive to deliver professionally and with utmost sensitivity.

24 Hour Hotline Service: 63915.607.6080

Premium Package - Theme: Robbin's Egg Blue

Premium Package - Theme: Teal Green

Premium Package - Theme: Old Rose Pink

Premium Package
Premium Package includes the following:
1) Pick-up and drop-off services within Metro Manila;
2) A guided cremation;
3) Bespoke urn designed by and exclusively for Rainbow Bridge;
4) Urn engraving of name, date of birth and death and dedication;
5) Acrylic photo paperweight and
6) Simple memorial card with the Rainbow Bridge poem and photos of your pet.
Note: Please see photos above
Price of Premium Package:
1) For pets below 8kg: P9,000
2) For pets 10lg - 20kg: P10,000
3) For pets 20lg - 30kg: P12,000
4) For pets above 30kg: P14,000
5) Others (rodents, birds, etc): P2,000-P5,000

Basic-need Budget Package
Basic-need Budget Package includes the following:
1) Pick-up and drop-off services within Metro Manila;
2) A guided cremation;
3) A bespoke, matching eco-friendly set of Urn, Photo-frame and Keepsake Box;
4) Choice of 5 earthly colors and themes (see choices below)
Note: Please see photos below
Price of Basic-need Budget Package:
1) For pets below 8kg: P7,000
2) For pets 10kg - 15kg: P8,000

3) For pets 15kg - 20kg: P9,000 
4) For pets 20kg - 30kg: P10,000
5) For pets above 30kg: P12,000
6) Others (rodents, birds, etc): P2,000-P4,000

Basic-need Budget Package - "French Paisley" Theme in Bleu

Basic-need Budget Package - "Blessings" Theme in Canary

Basic-need Budget Package - "Diary" Theme in Red

Basic-need Budget Package - "Journey" Theme in Olive

Basic-need Budget Package - "Vintage Quilt" Theme in Lilac

Give us a call or an SMS through this 24 Hour Hotline Service Number: 63915.607.6080 or you can email us at:

Features of our service:
1) Our service is highly personalized and guided, live updates and correspondence are sent as the process happens and documentation (photos) is available upon request;
2) Our premium package includes a bespoke marble urn that is designed by and exclusively for Rainbow Bridge (Color choices of White, Black or Botticino). This is a unique urn that is not available anywhere else and we pride ourselves as we believe it is a symbol of respect and exclusivity; Our eco-friendly urns for budget package are also custom-made from Papemelroti™;
3) You have the option in choosing a color theme for the memorial card and paperweight: teal green, robin's egg blue and rose pink and
4) As life-long pet-lovers ourselves, we will ensure a thorough and very dignified process for a companion that you consider a family member, it is always our pleasure to serve families that consider and value their pets as much as we do. Our background in the dog world and love for our own pets and pet-related businesses is a testimony of our dedication and sincerity in providing you a service that is unique and helpful while you are in the stages of grief. We will take care of everything.

1) We are also offering exclusive keepsake jewelry pendants that will enable you to carry a part of your companion wherever you are. You can put your beloved pet's ashes or hair inside for you to treasure;
2) With previous requests delivered, we are also offering an exclusive and highly-coveted designer urns that are not just urns but stunning works of art all by itself, designed and hand-turned by high-profile designers from the Philippines and the United States. Prices range from P50,000.00 to P150,000.00. Please contact us for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1) What is the first step I should do?
We are sorry to hear about your pet's death. First thing you should do is call us to inquire about the service. Upon deciding what package to avail (premium or basic), txt us your Full Name, Location (and necessary directions/landmarks), Pet's breed and weight (if you know). We will then txt you necessary steps on how to properly wrap your pet to ensure hygiene and safety and we'll arrange the carpool for pickup.
2) How long does it take to get our pet's ashes back?
Our goal is to reunite you with your beloved pet as soon as possible. For those who will avail Basic-need Package, return of your pet will be overnight. For those who will avail the Premium Package, it will take at least 3 days and at maximum 7 days. While the actual cremation is done immediately and within 12 hours from pick-up time, the occasional delivery delay of urns from Romblon as well as the time it takes for the engraving and acrylic paperweight to be finished is 3-7 days.
3) Do you accept already-buried pets?
Yes, we do. Whether your pet died 10 years ago or 2 days ago. However, we do not do the actual exhumation service and we ask you to do it or ask someone to. There will also be a very specific guide we will be asking you to do in sealing-off your pet's remains to ensure hygiene and safety before pick-up.
4) I live outside of Metro Manila, how can I avail your service?
For clients outside of Metro Manila but within its outskirts, we encourage that you visit our office in Quezon City for dropping-off of remains and collection and sealing of ashes.
For clients from farther provinces or Visayas and Mindanao, we have previously encouraged and delivered successfully a bus station-to-bus station arrangement. It will be the client's responsibility to organize a special arrangement with the nearest bus line/station in entrusting their pet's body from which the destination should be at any bus station located in Cubao area. We will pick up the body and send back ashes through a special courier service. We do have a premium pick-up and courier drop-off service for clients from Baguio City (additional of P2,500.00 premium)
5) Do you offer Taxidermy service? If I had my pet taxidermed, can his other remains be cremated (muscles and bones)?
We do not offer Taxidermy, but can refer you reliable taxidermist who works for Zoos and the National Museum. Yes, you can have your pet's other remain cremated. We will send you a guide on how to properly wrap muscles and bones as it is a little different from regular steps of wrapping.
6) For further inquiries, kindly call our 24 Hour Hotline: 63915.607.6080

Thank you.

For interested Veterinary Practitioners, Pet Establishments and Institutions: You can request price list, visual materials and terms of referral program by emailing:

For college students of business, marketing or related courses: We are very happy to communicate with you, you are welcome to use/interview us for your thesis and business proposal/plan projects. Here are the list of colleges who have so far conducted case-study research about us: Ateneo de Manila University, University of the Philippines, De La Salle University, University of the East, Mapua Institute of Technology among others.

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