Angel's Herald: Elementary Peeps

Elementary Peeps

I was recently PMed by an elementary friend Martin Ojeda (whom I last mingled with when I was in 4th grade) via Friendster, that's when you kind of realize how cool these networking websites (this Multiply for example) actually are.

So I thought of compiling some of them here.

May Valderama: I am still connected somehow, seen her not too long ago, but for my batchmates from the regular class, she's a history. May was homeschooled even before highschool, she's a brat like that, so I have no choice but to be with her on my highschool days since I was also homeschooled then.

Things I won't forget about her? Her weird yet well encouraged fashion taste, she'll wear the lady's version of tuxedo with matching magician's hat on any given sunny day. The way she applied her foundation on a hot melting day and the fact that her mom gives her fifty-pesos for every module done. Ta;l about desperation. And the way she calls Leaonich when we're in 1st grade, Leooooooaanich! Leooooanich! ....which brings us to the next person

Leonich Murillo: He's like, Wow. He never really did any modules at all the whole freaking school year since 1st grade. As in never, when we're in 6th grade, he still has some subjects in 3rd grade. I swear. However, I think he changed a little now. And no matter how retarded he is, he's still a friend back then and all that.

Things I won't forget about him? When he shoplifted hair-doctors and other trinkets when we used to have a school fair and there are lots of booths around. The fact that no matter how angry all the teachers were to him, it still doesn't matter. When he and Abbie used to linger around the school no matter how late they were in their subjects, as if it doesn't really matter at all. Hahahah! ....which brings us to the next subject

Abbegail Bustamante: One of those peeps who developed such a big pair of bumpers in such a young age. I can still remember that I baptised her as "Abbie BOOBstamante." I still am in good contact with her, she now lives in Ontario and she helped me apply for college and university admission three years ago in Canada.

Things I won't forget about her? Mostly the same things I mentioned about Leonich, she's a shoplift accomplice. I think her Rabbit is cute.

Martin Ojeda: This guy is so tall then, he's originally from the Aeta tribe and they (him and younger brother Michael) used to live right across Sto. Domingo Church. As you can see now he has an amazingly down to earth hair. Yay modernization!

Jullie Macasero: I can still remember alot about Jullie but can't seem to put them in words, cause she didn't utter much words too back then. Like me, she's so tahimik. Right! Judging from her Friendster pictures, I think she's about to finish Nursing on a University in Texas. She met up with Ricardo Lee in Vegas recently..

And this is Ricardo Lee: ..with Wolverine. I last saw him on the last school day of 1st year high, but we're still kind of connected cause he's friends with my present friends from Homeschooling too. Duh.

And here's their sweet picture together... Awww..

Conrad Gaerlan: In New Zealand now, recently told me that a friend of his knew me and told him that I am famous in The Philippines. Hahaha! Imbento! Or maybe not? Okay so Conrad's Appendix was removed, so what right? It's that he's wearing a Burberry Scarf while on the hospital bed, I smell something. Kidding. Anyway he told me he idolizes my work and all that crap, he also promised that he'll host me if ever I get to visit New Zealand. Yay free accomodation!

Things I won't forget about him? His weird highlight lining right on top of his ears. His gay voice tone and intonation, and his maniac nature. Hahha!

Stacy Falcon: She's like the crush of all the guys back then, dated Jose Chua whom I never heard of since. Sophia, any updates? UST di ba? Hahaha!

Things I won't forget about her? When I meanly put KATINKO Ointment on her Nape (batok yata), she washed it with water and it gets even hotter. Just way toooo many to name.

Lastly, Leandro Ong: My uber best friend back then, we're like classmates since Preparatory, always been together cause the class arrangement is always alphabetical. Actually, before writing this entry, I just cleaned my closet (luggages, unused clothes and all that crap) but still can't find old pictures with him (first communion etc).

Things I won't forget about him, when he vandalized Lucio Tan's great great gate. Hahaha! And waaaayy tooo many things!

Isn't this post so long? I know this won't matter at all if you're not my elementary batchmate. It's just amazing how people changed.

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