Angel's Herald: Boracay Pictionary

Boracay Pictionary

Some cool photos worth sharing. The story started here on my terrorist-inspired sideburns and trailer-truck stage-sized forehead.

After an excruciating process (you know it's excruciating when you finally realized you have used all means of transportation) from Manila to Kalibo, we were still able to smile and express our natural cam-whore selves. It's not necessarily summer but the sun seem to shine wild on our way...

..until droplets started pouring. After unpacking our things at the hotel, we quickly had lunch and eventually ran to the beach. In these pictures, you can see the monsoon or typhoon coming towards us, what a great timing! Nooot! Hahhaa!

However, not a typhoon can eradicate the fact that Boracay remains to be serene, relaxing and practically flawless. Here again, presenting you the typhoon and the beauty of natural motion.

The girls broke an entry to our room via the patio, they took some nasty photos of us sleeping. Many people say that you'll know the real person by the way they sleep. If that's true, then Jay is easy-go-lucky, Nick is perfect, and I'm a pig.

We did some snorkeling and island hopping, or perhaps 'island hop' cause there were far too strong waves that we weren't allowed to visit the other islands. On the picture you'll see we did fly-fish, buko (coconut) drinking, and Jetski (not!).

And to wrap up this entry, let's not forget about the raining night when we were left to do time-consuming non-sense. Presenting, the late leader of Abu Sayaf (part of the international network of Bin Laden's Al-Queada), Abu Sabaya(g).

Seen here wearing Chanel Bangaw Shades, and Haute Couture Scarf by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2007 Collection. Hahahaha!!!

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At 9:34 PM, Blogger Nick Ma said...

hahaha~ Nice Shot!!! Angelicum Order~

your Haute Couture Drives me Crazy!
I want one Shot too!!hahah~
maybe your lip gloss by dior , and make up by Giorgio Armani,haa~

At 9:43 PM, Blogger Angelicum said...

hahahah yess!!1 would be better

but just to clear, i have no make up and lipgloss/lipstick there okay!!! hahahha!!


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