Angel's Herald: Havaianas Oscars, Fugly For 2007?

Havaianas Oscars, Fugly For 2007?

Haven't blog about my favorite flip-flops lately...

For the fifth-year in a row, Havaianas will be a part of the much-coveted Academy Awards Celebrity Gift Bag. Every year, one gift bag for Oscar nominees cost more or less $50,000.

I like last year's Havaianas Oscars more!

Last year's shimmering pair is valued at over $1000 and packaged in a red velvet box, the special edition Havaianas feature a sparkling nameplate adorned with an authentic black diamond charm. This slipper is perfect! The brand logo is studded..

and can anything be cuter than that dangling charm?!

This year's giveaway is pretty hideous. I don't like those "stars" on the soles. The brand logo is a bit abandoned. The only better thing this year than last will have to be those uber cute specially- designed box resembling a Hollywood scene-shooting clacker board.!!!

The Havaianas feature 10 sparkling white diamonds set in 18 karat white gold stars that are hand mounted to each strap. Each shimmering pair is valued at over $1500.

The bottom line here? Whether it's beautiful or fugly, I won't get it anyway cause I'm not an Oscar Nominee!!!! Hahahaha!

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