Angel's Herald: Restau-rant: Ebun

Restau-rant: Ebun

My first "Restau-rant!"

I think "Ebun" is PampangeƱo for "Itlog," which is Filipino for Egg. Co-incidentally, "Ibon" is filipino for Bird, in which the egg came from. Umm, I'm not making any sense right? Haha-!

I don't like the idea of eating out on a "lutong-bahay" restaurant or bistro, 'cause I think it's a stupid idea. You can only eat lutong bahay foods inside your bahay, duh? That's why I try as much as possible not to have a repeat visit to these eateries, who may not necessarily claim a lutong-bahay promise but serves food that is no different from ordinary. Such places I can name are: Island Seafood, Cabalen, Kamay-Kainan and Dampa. I can't however blame the fans, who are more likely impressed of the presentation (like the Banana-leaves no-plates in Island Seafood) or the preparation concepts (like the buy-your-stuff-on-our-market-and-have-it-cooked of Dampa).

So why try out Ebun, even after knowing that it serves home meals? Simple, I have tourists with me. lol

The best word to describe the ambiance is, Fresh. Upon entering, you'll feel the rush of the air, and it didn't feel like it came from the air-con, this feel is even more defined by the relaxing sound of Capiz-Shell Chandeliers. One whole side is an etched-mirror wall, the other one, yellow shelvings with ceramics of the same shades. It's very cool and again, fresh.

Immediately upon being sat on our silverback chair, a waiter descends upon us to take our order in English -- we order drinks and ask for another minute. We read through the menu which I in this case obviously am the only one who can understand because it's written in Filipino. The Menu book is not so appetizing, your typical laminated plate, and it has like 8-10 pages. But clearly those around us know what they want: for the semi-open kitchen hole and fine ceramics are making their way to diners around us.

You will find all known Filipino specialties on their menu. While our meals were being cooked, we were given a funny looking bunch of white strings. It is to my surprise a complimentary potato fries, it looked like tiny shoelaces and it tastes great.

Drinks were also served immediately and I have to say, I really liked them. And yes, we shared our drinks for free-tastes haha! (last Monday night, I sat in for a 10-minute rest before attending the CNN Premiere on Greenbelt-3, I tried Ripe Mango Shake and good lord, it's great!)

I ordered Seafood Kare-Kare since I never had the seafood variety before. Good or yet better compared to other Flip eateries, it didn't tastes like the typical restau Kare-Kare (approx P300), in which the meat and veggies were not really involved in the cooking process but rather cooked separately and have the ready-made sauce poured in over. The Sisig is a little different from the Sisig I like, Ebun's a little moist and I want mine crispy or almost Chicharon. To my surprise, my companion pour in Kare-Kare sauce to his Sisig. lol

We also enjoyed one of their specialties, Adobong Ebun, I suggest that you order one if ever you decided to visit. The Chicharon Bulaklak is amazing, although I think all Chicharon Bulaklaks are amazing no-matter-what, sigh, the taste of death! Barbecue Chicken has the traditional street red-marinade, but tastes unique, you can feel it's really marinated for you. Palabok, though, is average.

I can't completely say that Ebun is an enhanced Pinoy restaurant, cause it's not, it's a lot more than just changing the Pinoy meal names. The best thing about all these, the prices are extremely reasonable. Main courses from roughly P170-P450. Breakfast is even cheaper, actually, one morning with a meeting with Mig Zubiri's lovely wife Audrey, our bill is only P200.

They do something different with the ordinary dishes, perhaps a PampangeƱo style, and that's enough for me to visit again. And I sure did, I ate Lugaw and Tokwa (quite average though). So for a wrap, I'd most likely eat here where service is okay and the ambiance is excellent than other Pinoy-style eateries that use a lot of glorified banana-leaves and bamboo plates.

  • Give privacy to customers using the washroom mirror
  • Little faster serving for the drinks
  • Improve the laminated Menu (and provide English translation maybe?)
  • Don't ask me if the one I'm having a meeting with is Lara Fabregas, 'cause she's not. lol

Greenbelt-3 G/f
Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel. 757-4791, 757-4792

Cuisine: Filipino
This restaurant offers catering service
For delivery service, call 821-8032, 893-1092 (for all branches)
Credit cards accepted: All major credit cards

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