Angel's Herald: You Know The Institution Is Cheap When...

You Know The Institution Is Cheap When...

The highest-serving position needs to decide on smallest of things...

Here's a little snippet from Tita Chuva's blog:

I had such a nasty experience today that the only good thing is it gives me material to blog about.

My classmate from Parsons decided to move out here. He got his own place at Salcedo Village and is setting up businesses. (Girls, he is 34 years old and single. The nicest guy on the planet. My mission is to find him a date.)

Since my friend doesn’t have an office, he took a membership in this place next door we shall call Club Chuchu.

I am not a corporate type and have never heard of this pretentious "power club."
Let’s just say the membership fee is mahalia jackson (about ten pairs of LV shoes).

My friend just signed up yesterday and wanted to show me the place. He called me this morning, so I dropped everything to come to Makati by 4 pm.

Before we go on, allow me to extol the virtues and convenience of wearing sneakers.
Ever since I came back from New York where people walk all the time, I've gotten used to wearing sneakers/trainers/rubber shoes depending on how you wanna call it, because I’m constantly running around the place, getting a story, running a house, store and errands, with three boys to take care of.

My favorite sneaker happens to be Louis Vuitton. First of all, I’m not athletic. Second, I’m no longer a teenager. The Nike swoosh or Adidas stripes don’t exactly do anything for me at the moment.

What I love about Louis Vuitton sneakers—besides the fact that they have Marc Jacobs' seal of approval—is that they are stylish and can be worn from day to night. I wear these almost everyday with jeans or even a long skirt.

I do have more formal shoes for nights and events. But four-inch wedges are not for running around in the daytime.

Going back to Club Chuchu, my friend took me there with the intention of having someone show me the facilities while he had his meeting.

He introduced me to this staff/person/it called Chit wearing polyester/black uniform and (Parisian/Syvels?) pumps.
Right away she gave me this head-to-toe look and zeroed in on my shoes. (Think Julia Roberts entering that Rodeo Drive store in Pretty Woman—"Big mistake...huge mistake.")
Chit immediately made it known that I didn't belong there. I felt so offended and small, like a leper. I wanted to disappear, but I didn't want to make a scene.

My blood started boiling. Chit disappeared for a while, came back and started whispering to my friend. From the looks of her, I felt there was a problem. I thought she would say she couldn't tour me because the board rooms were occupied.

Finally she spoke up and said there was a problem with my shoes.

I seriously could not believe it. I didn't know such a place existed in Metro Manila.

"Sneakers are not allowed in here," she said.
"That's OK," I got it right away and looked at my friend. "I'm just gonna go."
I went towards the exit.
"Ma'am...Uh, could you please wait, I can talk to the chairman about this and ask him about the sneakers..."
"No," I said calmly. "I don't have to be here. I don't want to be here..." (and take crap like this. I can enter the White House in sneakers, but the Club Chuchu, no. Maybe you prefer Parisian by SM?)

I pressed the elevator button.
"Ma'am, let me talk to the chairman...I don't want to offend you," she said.
"You offend me. You gave me a dirty look. I saw you. You were staring at my shoes. My shoes cost a lot of money."

She probably thought I got them in the tiangge.
I couldn't believe how spontaneous that was. It was a Famas moment. Think Cherie Gil against Sharon Cuneta. I'm sorry if that sounds patronizing but I had to defend my fucken shoes.

"Sorry about this," I told my friend. "I'll be at Starbucks and I'll see you after the meeting. Bye."
The elevator door closed and I walked out of there, never to come back.

The club didn't even look special. I only saw as far as the lobby and these member meeting rooms, but I wasn't impressed. Malayo kay Philippe Starck. But even I can enter a Philippe Starck hotel with my sneaks.

Isn't that pathetic? You know the club is cheap when the front-desk have to talk to the chairman about the sneakers! Duh.

I'm on the same situation, duties of finalizing resolutions were suddenly made a responsibility of the one who loathes me.

Anyhow back to the topic. I rarely wear shoes at all, I even wear Havaianas at work and on business meetings and presentations, I'm haggard like that. I never felt discriminated because of my choice as of yet, but I would definitely understand if ever that happens, I mean these are flip-flops, the simplest possible footwear a human being could wear.

The problem here in the Philippines, hypocrisy. It's too darn hot here and the least you could do to your poor body is give it air to breathe. You see, shorts and easy-flowing collared shirts are considered decent and if I'm not mistaken, formal in Hawaii and other tropical countries.

Anyway speaking of shoes, I will need to get my hands on one of this before Christmas, my last sneakers was bought two years ago, and that's just because I'm in Ontario and my aunt will foot the bill.

1) LV Bastia Sneaker in Canvas and Calf leather. GBP 220 (P20,400)
2) LV Gypse Mule in Monogram Denim and Calf Leather. GBP 275 (P25,500)
3) LV Zephyr Sneaker in Calf leather. GBP 275 (P25,500)
4) LV Speeding Sneaker in Damier Geant Canvas. GBP 225 (P20,800)
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