Angel's Herald: Hostage Taker, Sosi

Hostage Taker, Sosi

Wow, just wow. Quoting Emsie's private messages via YM.

"flash report: 30 daycare pupils in a bus held hostage by men armed with grenade. hostage taker demands to secure education for the kids... if they get out alive."

"hostage crisis update: pumasok si bong revilla sa bus... apparently the hostage takers are fans. now, jolo revilla is being interviewed on tv.. "moment ko din to daddy!""

"so, the hostage taker john ducat is a former governor of cavite. what's up with ex-governors? explain leviste... anyone?"

Children were given toys by the hostage taker. Sosyal..

Ducat, his demands, fast facts.. (a CNN-featured drama):

  • He wants candles lighted at 7 o'clock (1100 GMT), and then he will let the children go.
  • We want housing and schooling for 145 kids in a daycare center.
  • "I love these kids; that's why I am here," Ducat told DZMM radio, The Associated Press reported. "I invited the children for a field trip.
  • "You can be assured that I cannot hurt the children. In case I need to shed blood, I will not be the first to fire. I am telling the policemen, have pity on these children."
  • Ducat was disqualified as a congressional candidate in 2001, AP reported. It was not immediately clear why he was disqualified.
  • He used the opportunity to criticize the nation's political system, accusing it of graft and corruption and telling Filipinos not to depend on their politicians.
  • "He actually knows all of these children and all of the teachers of the bus," said Social Welfare Secretary Esperanza Cabral, who talked with Ducat on the phone. "He has been a donor to the daycare center and to the school."


I am watching Ducat release these poor children right now, through CNN. Such a shame that The Philippines has no strategic system whatsoever, Ducat handed over the grenade to Chavit Singson (running for Senate, total sucker), not an experienced, licensed and knowledgeable police (or whatever specialist you call that). Why Chavit? Who let him in? Why is he allowed to come near? My goodness.

All scenarios before the release I spent by watching 4 movies in-a-row. This is after 3 straight days of pure heat and stickiness, and the feeling of a pork being marinated under the sun.

This is after skipping a day off work. I'm currently working on a hotel project in Baguio and Bicol.

And at the mailbox today, a thank you gift from Rea after interviewing me about The United Nations Gender Mainstreaming Committee.

Can't wait until the Weekend.
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