Angel's Herald: Almajiri Syndrome - Street Urchin

Almajiri Syndrome - Street Urchin

The best perk of travelling is getting to know people of all races. George sent a group email recently announcing his great comeback. When I was in Jamaica Spring of 2005, I met this bright young boy, and oddly, the first time we talked is when we were in-charged to find a lost colleague around the beaches of Montego Bay.

George being interviewed by Jamaican press.

After that, we sat down in front of the Internet and exchanged contact info. It's amazing how a Nigerian 12-year old is so keen in using the Internet, and even more, winning an International competition from his project "Almajiri Syndrome." He then emailed me this just when we were sitting:

hello how are you doing ? i know your fine because your siting right beside me. i would like to be your friend . i'm a twelve yrs old nigerian .


Twelve year old George from Nigeria has a vision to start a project to help educate young people in Nigeria and elsewhere on what is happening with the growing emergence of street children and child laborers in Northern Nigeria who are termed “Almajiri”.

George being awarded by Nigerian Prime Minister's Representative to Jamaica.

Already George has designed an impressive website with facts and background on the crisis and describes his own involvement with the boys from the street. He wishes to use the medium to appeal to Government and others to put more effort to control or possibly eradicate child poverty in this region of Nigeria. The Academy will help George develop his website and help support him in his work when he returns to Nigeria.

This is just a little sharing, to overcome a hurtful December 3-8, hurtful physically (our Biketour is from Dec. 3-7, and I fell of a drainage December 7, it hurts big time) and emotionally. It's funny though, cause when I fell of the drainage, the first thing that came out of my mouth is "Get my Havaianas, can you reach it? Get it please!" PATHETIC!

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At 2:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was supposed that i have sent you a happy birthday SMS to you , today, i found it........didn't work..~
it's too late, but anyway , happy birthday man !
a grown man

At 2:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry , i'm Nick~

At 1:01 PM, Blogger Angelicum said...

thanks nick! see you soon!! =)


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