Angel's Herald: Retarded International Kid Indicator

Retarded International Kid Indicator

The one who wrote this indicators may have not gone anywhere outside Manila, at maximum may have gone outside of the country but only to Hong Kong. Duh

World Cup Opening, I asked the Italian girl how much she was paid for this job. Hahaaha!

You know you're an international kid when:
1. You own a passport, or you own more than one passport, or you own a foreign passport. Duh?
2. You know what TCK means. I don't freaking know what this means.
3. You know what expat means. Duh?
4. You use MSN/ICQ because you know they're cooler than AIM (and the rest of the world uses it) Just proves how outdated the maker of this thing is.
5. Fahrenheit = f'd up. Or you can convert from Farenheit to celcius to farenheit. Your spelling of fahrenheit and celsius' not right yo.
6. You can swear in more than one language. You're dumb if you can't.
7. You know that the US is not the only country in the world. Same as my comment on number 6.
8. You know what IB means. No.
9. You miss the cheap (and delicious) food from home! Asshole Remark.
10. Your yearbook had more than one language in it! Annoying Remark
11. You keep having to explain to everyone why you speak English, even though you grew up elsewhere. Duh?
12. You are tired of people asking - "Where IS that?" No.
13. You spent your high school years at bars, clubs, and pubs because legal @ 21 makes no sense to you. You make no sense
14. High school graduation went by relatively fast considering there were only about sixty people in your class.No.
15. No matter what people tell you, you'll never drink tap water. Or when you can, you appreciate it, and drink out of the tap more than buying bottledwater just because you can. Say it again.
16. Sports tournaments required plane rides and homestays. See world cup picture above.
17. You have friends all over the world because international kids are everywhere! Dumb

This is what I call International kid. Boasting implemented.

International kid on international news ya'll. Wahahaha!

International escapade for the year starts October til December, even if November onwards isn't sure yet. Darn.

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