Angel's Herald: Web Whiz Off To Jamaica

Web Whiz Off To Jamaica


High-school Web-wiz Angelicum fernandez-Oda has beaten off stiff International competition to "net-work" himself a place at the Cable and Wireless Childnet Academy in Montegobay, Jamaica.

Angelicum, whose home-schooled at the Angelicum College in Quezon City, won the place having entered Childnet's International Web-development competition - part of the Cable and Wirless Childnet Academy 2005.

Childnet International is a children's Internet charity and its mission is to work in partnership with others around the world to help make the Internet a great and safe place for children. In partnership with leading international communication company, Cable and Wireless, it developed the competition aimed at recognizing the outstanding creativity of children and young people who are developing exciting online projects that bring positive benefits to other young people worldwide.

His project "Young MDG" won in the "New to the Net" Category - aimed at young people with limited access to the internet technology, but who have a new idea for a beneficial long-term project.

Select ones can see the development of his Web site and project through

During their time at the Childnet Academy, Angelicum and 11 other winners from different parts of the world received specialist web support, leadership training and technical advice, as well as being given exclusive access to a team of internet experts and mentors drawn from the world of education, business and the public and voluntary sectors.

Stephen Carrick-Davies, Chief Executive at Childnet International said, "The winning projects showcase the positive power of the Internet - to give young people a voice and a chance to create their own online learning tools. It is significant that so many of the projects challenge adults and other young people on important global issues. By bringing winners together with young people from Jamaica, we hope to inspire others to use the Internet constructively to share knowledge and make a difference."

Members of the public can view all winning web sites at
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